All employee benefits are administered through Business Services.

All classified bargaining unit employees are eligible to receive benefit dollars that are prorated according to the hours worked.

Classified employees purchase medical and dental benefits through a generous fringe benefit amount of $8,507.78.

All employees working four plus (4+) hours per day or 50% participate in our group dental plan. Proof of group medial coverage is required for those employees choosing not to purchase it through payroll deduction.

Certificated, Classified and Management employees may purchase medical and dental coverage through a District-approved outside administrator.

Hours worked per day Percentage Yearly (with medical) Yearly (without medical)
2 25% 2126.88 1748.88
2+ to 4 50% 4253.88 3498.60
4+ to 6 75% 6380.88 5246.64
6+ to 8 100% 8507.76 6995.40


Contact Nancy Bronzini at 925-426-4327 for more information regarding the benefits available to Pleasanton School District employees.

Online Benefit Choices

Here is the direct URL shortcut to benefits choices: This link allows employees to access the website using the following:

User ID = pleasantonee
Password = benefits

American Fidelity Assurance Company offers smooth navigating, detailed information about their products, contact numbers for any need, plus downloadable, printable forms. They also offer a secured area for employees. It provides status of submitted claims, online flex account balance, value and status of policies and online form printing.

Envoy Plan Services has been selected as the Third Party Administrator for the District’s Section 403(b) plans. Information and forms are available on their website at or you may call Envoy at (800) 248-8858.

Benefits FAQs

When is open enrollment to make annual changes to health benefits?
During the month of May, employees are permitted to make changes to their dental, or vision plans, including enrolling in the 125 Plan (flexible spending accounts). Changes each year will take effect on July 1.
In the fall, employees will have a separate open enrollment for their medical plans through CalPERS. Changes to the medical plans each year will take effect January 1.
What medical plans are available through Pleasanton Unified School District?
Employees working 50% or four (4) hours a day, must participate in Dental.  All Classified employees may  enroll in medical through Calpers in one of the following:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO
  • Anthem Blue Cross Traditional HMO
  • Blue Shield of California Access Plus, an HMO
  • Kaiser HMO
  • PersSelect, PersChoice, and PersCare,  PPO
  • United HealthCare Alliance, HMO

In addition:

  • Vision is through VSP, and
  • Dental options are, Delta Dental Premier (PPO) or Delta Care USA (HMO)
Where can I find detailed information on these benefit plans?
Follow the URL shortcut to and use login: pleasantonee, with password: benefits
Does the district provide any monetary contributions to the benefits?
The district contributes to the classified employee benefits in prorated amounts up to a maximum contribution of $8,507.78 per year.
Does the district participate in 403B or 457 tax deferred annuities?
Yes. Information regarding Pleasanton Unified School District’s 403B and 457s can be located on the plan administrator’s website as follows: or call 1-800-248-8858
Are there any discounts to health gyms?
Yes, the district contracts with Club Sport in Pleasanton only to receive a corporate discount.
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