Services & Programs

Services & Programs


Services include early identification and assessment, partial or all-day specialized instruction, and special related services. Related services may include transportation, speech and language therapy, psychological services, adaptive physical education, and health and counseling services as may be required to assist a child with disabilities to benefit from special education.

Program Options

We offer a continuum of special education programs that involve students from ages three through 21. Program service options include:

  1. Consultation to teachers and parents
  2. Home-based services
  3. Services delivered in general classroom
  4. School based pull-out programs
  5. Self-contained classes on a general education site
  6. Special day classes on an isolated site

Students may also receive services in private non-public day schools, residential schools, and in hospital settings.


Special Education Continuum of Services outlines  least restrictive environment to most restrictive environment.

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