Pupil Records

Student/Pupil Records


Information on Student/Pupil Records

See Pupil Records–Administrative Regulation 5170

Inspection of Records

Parents, legal guardians or adult pupils have a right to review their own or child’s records. Pupil records are available for review during regular school hours. Requests for access should be directed to the principal, and must be granted within five days from the date of the request. In the case of separated or divorced parents, both parents shall have equal access to school records, unless there is a current restraining order specifically preventing records access. (A restraining order preventing access to the pupil does not prevent access to records.) Ed. Code 49069.

Release of Student/Pupil Records

A school district may permit access to pupil records by a specific person if the parent has filed written authorization specifying the records to be released and identifying the person to whom the records may be released. The recipient must be notified that further transmission of records is prohibited. The consent notice shall be permanently kept with the pupil’s record file. Ed. Code 49075.

Access Without Written Consent

School personnel with legitimate educational interests, schools of intended enrollment, specified federal and state educational administrators, and those who provide financial aid are entitled to access to pupil records without parental consent. Access may be obtained without parental consent in response to a court order. Ed. Codes 49076, 49077, 49078.

Obtaining a Transcript

High School Transcripts can be obtained for a nominal fee ($2.00) per transcript requested from the Pupil Services Department. It is recommended that you call 925.426.4290 the Student/Pupil Services Department first, in order to have the transcript ready when you arrive.If unable to pick up transcript from Student/Pupil Services Department, please submit your written request with payment to:

Pleasanton Unified School District
ATTN: Student/Pupil Services
215 Abbie Street                                              NOTE NEW LOCATION
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Please include the following information:

  1. Student’s complete name while attending PUSD high school
  2. Date of Birth
  3. High School of attendance
  4. Year of graduation
  5. Daytime telephone number (include area code)
  6. Complete name(s) and address(es) of the intended recipient(s)
  7. Number of transcripts requesting (fee is based on each transcript requested)

Payment ($2.00 per transcript) can be made with money order or cashier check payable to Pleasanton Unified School District or cash. Please do not remit personal check, for request and check will be returned.

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