All schools provide counseling and intervention services for student and families. Each high school has been staffed with an at-risk counselor. Contact your student’s school for assistance.

Middle and high school students should contact the school counselor for class scheduling and college or career information. Supplementary counseling services are provided through the Student Services Department for students suspended for violence or substance abuse.





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On January 7, 2015, College Board presented ReadiStep results for those middle school students who took the test in October 2014. View power point here.  Parents may view the actual questions at your student’s school site during the week of January 12, 2015.  Contact your school site for details.


PSAT 2015Kids_ReadiStep

On January 8, 2015, College Board presented PSAT results for high school student who took the test in October 2014.  View power point here.




Counseling Master Plan
College & Career Readiness Strand

During the 2013-14 school year, in alignment with the implementation of the Common Core standards, all Pleasanton Unified School District Counselors began developing a Counseling Master Plan.  The Counseling Master Plan moves school counseling from a responsive service provided for some students to a program for every student.  This plan focuses on three main content areas that promote behaviors that enhance the learning process: College and Career, Personal/Social and Academic. The goal is to help all students improve academic achievement, navigate personal and social development and plan for successful post-secondary education and careers.

The first strand of this plan, College and Career Readiness, will be implemented during the 2014-15 school year.  Counselors will facilitate grade level classroom-based lessons that are developmental in nature and results-orientated.  Using a proactive approach, the Counseling Master Plan will provide consistency in the delivery of the school counseling curriculum within elementary, middle and high school levels.  Parents and guardians are key partners in this program.  Communication with parents, along with follow up opportunities at home will be provided with each lesson.

The Counseling Master Plan will necessitate a change in the time allocation for counseling services.  Next year with the implementation of the College and Career Readiness strand, the time spent on personal/social services will shift.  At the elementary level, approximately 85% of counseling time is currently dedicated to personal/social services.  This will change to approximately 50%, with 35% of counseling time being dedicated to the specific lessons outlined in PUSD’s Counseling Master Plan.

At the middle school level, the addition of the College and Career Readiness strand will result in approximately 30% of counselors’ time being devoted to classroom-based lessons, follow-up activities, evaluation and parent/guardian communication.  This will trigger a shift in time spent on personal/social services from approximately 75% to 40%.

With the 2013-14 school year, Naviance was introduced at our high schools.  Naviance is a comprehensive College and Career Readiness solution that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.  “Family Connection” through Naviance will occur in the Fall of 2014.   High school counselors will focus their time equally on three areas: college and career readiness, personal/social, academic.  Lessons are highlighted by grade level in the Counseling Master Plan.  “Family Connection” will enable to parents/guardians to follow each student’s progress.

The PUSD counseling team appreciates your support of this important transition in counseling services.  Starting with the College and Career Readiness strand, we believe this change will enable counselors to work with all students and help them to achieve their highest potential.


Kevin Johnson
Senior Director Student Services
Click here to view the Counseling Master Plan document

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