The Warehouse is responsible for the receiving and delivery of all materials and equipment to the school sites ordered through purchase orders and stock requisitions. It is also responsible for the storing of all stock items ordered by school sites and departments. This volume purchase of frequently used items allows a significant savings for the district in both time and money.

Warehouse Personnel – Contact Information

Telephone Number: 925.426.4440  Fax: 925.426.4441

Gary Taylor Lead Warehouse/Buyer
Joe Williams Warehouse Delivery Driver
Marty Israel Warehouse Delivery Driver
Myla Grasso Coordinator 925.426.4335
Walk-in hours: 6:30am-2:30pm


Fillable Forms

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR USERS OF FILLABLE FORMS – Why my completed form didn’t save data?
1. A user (who does not have Adobe Pro) must download the fillable form and save it in their file or desktop.
2. THEN open from file/desktop and fill it out.
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Record Retention

The Warehouse is your point of contact for Record Retention. Click here for the procedure to send records to “Fort Knox.”

Stores Catalog


Warehouse Location

The Pleasanton Unified School District Warehouse is located at 4750 First Street, Pleasanton, CA.

Directions from 680:

Take the Bernal Exit. Go to the Right (East). Take Bernal to First Street (third stop light). Turn Left on First Street. Driveway is approximately 1/ 2 block on right side.

Directions from 580:

Take 680 and follow the above directions.

Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the District Warehouse carry an inventory of supplies and materials?
Purchasing items in quantity for the Warehouse has a number of benefits. Items carried in the Warehouse have gone through a quality and safety approval process. Also, quantity pricing is typically lower, resulting in a savings to teachers and the District. While you may occasionally see items elsewhere at a lower price, these are typically limited sales prices.
What if I did not receive an item I ordered from the Warehouse?
Please check the order paperwork to see if the item is on “back issue.” If not, contact Gary Taylor via email or phone at 925.426.4440.
Will a “back issued” item be delivered later or do I need to reorder?
“Back issued” items will automatically be delivered as part of the same order. You do not need to reorder the item.
How do I return something that I ordered from the warehouse/stores catalog?
Return the item to the warehouse, along with a copy of the invoice. Your account will be credited. Please note that these transactions must be in the same fiscal year.
What if I would like to see an item carried in the warehouse?
If there is an item(s) that you use frequently, please email Myla Grasso with a description. We will analyze the volume of usage District-wide and see if it is a product that should be carried in the Warehouse.
Where are the latest catalog listings available?
The most updated catalog listings are on our website at: http://pleasantonusd.net/departments/business-services/purchasingwarehouse/warehouse/. Please use the online catalog as it has the most current descriptions and pricing. Listings are available both alphabetically and by category.
What if I need a stores item in a hurry?
The Warehouse will accept walk-in orders (for urgent situations only) between 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. There is a limit of five line items on a walk—in order.
When does the Warehouse make deliveries to my site?
Mail is delivered and picked up from sites daily. Deliveries of items that have been ordered through either the purchase requisition or stores order process are made to sites at least two times per week.
If something is in the warehouse waiting for delivery, can I come and pick it up?
Normally, no. If it is a very urgent situation (i.e. testing materials, live organisms or other time-sensitive items), please call Gary at 925.426.4440 to find out the status of the item and estimated delivery date.
I will be moving to another site. Can the Warehouse help with my move?
For moves between sites, the Warehouse can supply a limited number of moving boxes and will schedule a time to pick up your items and transport them to the new site. Materials and labor are not supplied for moves within a site (please check with your principal and/or custodian).
I have an obsolete piece of equipment in my room that I no longer need. How can I get it moved out?
Equipment with an asset tag must be disposed of through the surplus equipment process. Email Gary Taylor a description of the item, along with the asset number. He will arrange for pickup and recycling/disposal.
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