Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have funds in my account. How can I buy something?
All purchases are to go through the Purchasing Department per Board Policy. First, fill out a Purchase Requisition form. On the form, include a suggested vendor (if you have one), your name and school or department, account code, and date needed (please do not use ASAP). Attach any product description that you have. Requisitions must be signed by you, and then given to your site principal or department head for signature. The completed form should then be sent to the Purchasing Department where a Purchase Order is generated and sent to the vendor. Please click here to view more detailed guidelines.
How long does it take to receive an item?
The Purchasing Department typically processes a Purchase Requisition and issues a Purchase Order within five working days. Allow enough time for the vendor to deliver the item to the District and for the Warehouse to receive the item and deliver to your site.
Can I buy something myself online?
Board policy states that all purchases are to go through the Purchasing Department. Fill out a purchase requisition, listing the website as the vendor (i.e. Amazon.com). Attach a printout of the webpage with the item description. Add account codes and signatures and submit to the Purchasing Department.
What if I need something in a rush?
The Purchasing Department will work with you to expedite orders. Please call the department at 426.4335 for assistance.
What if I see something on sale in a store?
There is a Revolving Cash procedure for teachers to make small purchases of items that you might see in a store on sale or that you need in a hurry for your classroom (such as for a science experiment). You may purchase up to a set limit ($100 to $200 depending on the site) as a separate transaction and turn in the receipt to your site secretary for reimbursement. You may not purchase items online with this procedure, and purchases may not be split in order to be under the limit.
How can I find out where my order is?
Email Donna Rasmussen and include the purchase requisition number and vendor name. She will get back to you with any information she has received from the vendor.
How do I return an item that is damaged or not what I ordered?
Fill out a Return Authorization form and return it with the item to the Purchasing Department. We will contact the vendor for a replacement or credit.
What if there is a deposit required for my item?
Make sure to note that on the Purchase Requisition and attach the needed paperwork. The requisition will be processed and sent to Accounting so that a check may be issued.
Why is there a deadline to submit purchase requisitions in the early spring?
In order to close out the fiscal year, all purchase orders must be placed, received, and paid for by mid-June. Requisitions that are submitted by the deadline will be placed in the current fiscal year. Due to the volume of orders, late requisitions may not be processed until after July 1. If you have an unexpected need after the deadline, please call Purchasing at 426.4335 so that we may assist you.
Can I send post cards via US Mail through the District?
Yes, but there are some requirements as to size and material. All post cards should be ordered through the Graphics Department in order to ensure compliance. Do not use post cards purchased from other vendors. Please feel free to call Terri at 426.4371 with any questions prior to your mailing.
What do I have to do for a large or bulk mailing?
Please click here to see the procedure for bulk and mass mailings. Call Terri at 426.4371 one week prior to when your mailing needs to go out in order to ensure that all requirements related to minimums, addressing, sealing and sorting are met. Please note that it can take up to two weeks for the Post Office to deliver bulk mail.
How can I find out what items are stocked in the warehouse?
The stores catalog is posted online at /departments/business-services/purchasingwarehouse/warehouse/
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