Developer Fees

Developer Fees

Pleasanton Unified School District has a Cooperative Fee Agreement and a Gift Agreement for housing development in the city of Pleasanton. All new housing and remodeling projects are approved by the City of Pleasanton Planning and Building Departments. Once the plans are approved, the developer (corporate or individual) will need to bring the approved set of plans to the PUSD District Office, Business Services, to pay the appropriate School Impact Fees. The school district also collects fees for commercial buildings.

Developer Fee Schedule

At the December 13, 2011 board meeting, the Board of Trustees approved revised fees for State, Cooperative and Gift fee agreements. To access the fee schedule, please visit the linked document below.

Summary of Applicable Fees as of December 2011.

A copy of the FY13 Annual Accounting for School Facilities Fees is available here .

A copy of the School Facility Fee Justification Report is available here.

If you have any questions regarding the payment of fees, please contact Mary Huk at 925.426.4312 or Patty van Looy at 925.426.4307.


Fee Payment

When paying Developer Fees, please come to the Pleasanton Unified District Office, 4665 Bernal Avenue, with the approved plans from the City of Pleasanton or information from Alameda County Offices.

The PUSD District Office is located on the corner of First Street and Bernal Avenue. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding District holidays). We are only able to accept checks.

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