Valley View Students Get NASA “Visit”

Valley View Students Get NASA “Visit”

Students at Valley View Elementary in Mr. Palassou’s 5th grade class met NASA scientists and engineers and participated in a very important experiment that may have far-reaching effects for scientific discovery.

The students participated in a beta test of a prototype drill that may be used to search for life on Mars. The drill mission is known as IceBite.

Dr.  Margarita Marinova runs the team in Antarctica and, via Skype,  showed the students how the drill will be used on Mars.  Dr. Chris McKay is a planetary scientist and is a co-investigator for the Mars Curiosity rover, the Mars Phoenix Lander and the Huygens space probe.  Engineer Arwen Dave helped create the robotic arm on the drill used to collect ground samples on Mars.  Both Dr. McKay and Ms. Dave were in the classroom to help the students operate the drill from a computer while other students watched the drill move & change speeds in Antarctica.

VV_Palassou_NASAskype_011613   VV_Palassou_NASAskype1_011613


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