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Contact Us

Pleasanton Unified School District

4665 Bernal Avenue
Pleasanton, CA  94566
Phone:  925.462.5500
Office Hours: 8:00AM – 4:30PM


How to direct calls and inquiries

Amador Valley Adult & Community Education Facilities Student/Pupil Services
Assessment Graphics Purchasing
Business Services Human Resources Special Education
Career Technical Education & Apprenticeship Programs Kids Club Special Projects
Child Nutrition Services Leadership Cabinet Superintendent’s Office
Curriculum & Staff Development Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation Technology Services
Educational Services Media Services Warehouse


Pleasanton Unified School District Leadership Cabinet

District Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi 925-426-4333
Deputy Superintendent Business Services Luz T. Cázares 925-426-4307
Assistant Superintendent Educational Services Odie Douglas 925-426-4334
Assistant Superintendent Human Resources Bill Faraghan 925-426-4346
Senior Director Pupil Services Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Coordinator of Communication & Community Engagement Nicole Steward 925-426-4304
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333

Amador Valley Adult & Community Education



Odie Douglas, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Administration and Reporting of Standardized Tests Odie Douglas 925-426-4334
Administration and Scoring of District Assessments Odie Douglas 925-426-4334
Class Size Reduction Assessment Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
School Accountability Report Card (SARC) Odie Douglas 925-426-4334

Business Services

Luz T. Cázares, Deputy Superintendent
Suzy Chan, Director
Cathy McKim, Coordinator

Abatement Billings-Salary Kay Dorp 925-426-4317
Abatement Billings-Other Expenses Mary Huk 925-426-4312
Accounting Cathy McKim 925-426-4347
Accounts Payable Joanne Tangney 925-426-4314
Annual Budget Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Attendance Reporting to CDE Leslie Tavernier 925-426-4311
Budget Allocations Cathy McKim 925-426-4347
Budget Transfers (split by schools) Kay Dorp
Mary Huk
Leslie Tavernier
Certificates of Insurance Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Cal Card Statement Processing Mary Huk 925-426-4312
Employee Benefits Nancy Bronzini 925-426-4327
Debt Service Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Deposit Forms (Cash Receipts) Joanne Tangney 925-426-4314
Developer Fees Collection Mary Huk 925-426-4312
Expenditure Transfers (split by schools) Kay Dorp
Mary Huk
Leslie Tavernier
Fed Ex Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Field Trips – Insurance/Contracts Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Financial Statements & Reports Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Financial Audits Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Golden Handshake Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Investments Suzy Chan 925-426-4310
Legal Billings Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Payroll – Certificated Carol Davila 925-426-4315
Payroll – Classified Judith Mallory 925-426-4316
Revolving Cash
Student Accident Reports Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Student Insurance Forms Patty van Looy 925-426-4307
Tax Sheltered Annuities (403b & 457) Nancy Bronzini 925-426-4327
Vendor Contracts Approval Patty vanLooy 925-426-4307

Career Technical Education & Apprenticeship Programs

Glen Sparks, Coordinator

  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Career Academies/Pathway Programs
  • Carl D. Perkins Grant
  • Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
  • ROP – Work-based Learning Specialists
  • Tri-Valley Education Collaborative (TEC)
  • Work Experience/Permits
  • Youth in Government Day
Glen Sparks 925-628-0974

Child Nutrition Services

Frank Castro, Coordinator

Accounting Teresa Burke 925-426-4417
Catering Orders/Billing Teresa Burke 925-426-4418
Fast Food Orders Karin Tymn 925-426-4416
Food Deliveries Teresa Burke 925-426-4418
Free & Reduced Meals Teresa Burke 925-426-4417
Menu Planning Frank Castro 925-426-4414
Milk Orders Karin Tymn 925-426-4416
Point of Sale (POS) System Teresa Burke 925-426-4417
Staffing Frank Castro 925-426-4414
Student Advisory Groups Frank Castro 925-426-4414

Curriculum and Special Projects

(Division of Educational Services)
Mindy Bolar, Director

Lisa Hague, Coordinator

Linda Flagler, Administrative Secretary

Instructional Services Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
K-12 Curriculum Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Course Outlines Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Online Courses Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Assignment of Course Numbers Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Identification of Students At-risk of Not Meeting Standards/Intervention Programs and Promotion/Retention Policy Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
K-6 Standards-based Report Card Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Reading Specialists Mindy Bolar 925-426-4326
Staff Development Calendar Linda Flagler 925-426-4328
Staff Development Reform Questions and Course Offerings Linda Flagler 925-426-4328

Educational Services

Odie Douglas, Assistant Superintendent

Tamara Danielsen, Administrative Assistant

  • Academic, Attendance, and Student Calendars
  • Academic Performance Index (API) and Block Grants
  • Accreditation WASC
  • Early Graduation Requests
  • Field Trips (Overnight and Out-of-State)
  • Flyers – Approval Of
  • Instructional Leadership Team Meeting
  • Instructional Minutes
  • K-5 Prep Period Specialists
  • Meeting Calendar
  • New District Programs (Strategy #8)
  • Principals’ Meetings, K-5, 6-12
  • Research Project Requests
  • ROP Joint Powers Governing Board
  • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Odie Douglas
Tamara Danielsen

Facilities Department

Jim Simone, Director

Architectural Services Jim Simone 925-426-4404
Bid Information/Construction Lynn Novak 925-426-4404
Construction/ Modernization/Project Jim Simone 925-426-4404
Construction Project Accounting Lynn Novak 925-426-4404
Interim Housing Jim Simone 925-426-4404


Myla Grasso, Coordinator

  • Graphic Orders
  • Graphic Deliveries
  • Graphics Pricing
Bonnie Kassan 925-426-4270
Print/Press Work Janet Reel 925-426-4270

Human Resources

Bill Faraghan, Assistant Superintendent
Mark McCoy, Director – Certificated/Classified
Medlinda Trammell, Coordinator Classified

General Information Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Coaching Contracts Cleo Foster 925-426-4320
Complaints Re: Employees Ellen Gould 925-426-4346
Employment Applications Barbara Bennett 925-426-4338
Employment Verification
Classified Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Certificated Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Name/Address Changes Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
District Receptionist Barbara Bennett 925-426-4338
Scheduling Interviews Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Substitute Services Help Desk Anna Kennedy 925-426-4324
Student Teachers Anna Kennedy 925-426-4324
Volunteer Clearance Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Workers’ Compensation Cleo Foster 925-426-4320


Clearance to Work Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Collective Bargaining Unit Mark McCoy 925-426-4329
Leave of Absence Requests Mark McCoy 925-426-4329
Professional Growth Cleo Foster 925-426-4320
Request for Personnel Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Salary Placement Schedule Cleo Foster 925-426-4320
Transfer Requests Cleo Foster 925-426-4320


Absence Tracking Anna Kennedy 925-426-4324
Automated Sub Caller Anna Kennedy 925-426-4324
Course Approval Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Credentialing/Clear to work Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Job Share Information Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Leave of Absence – Maternity Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Leave of Absence–All other Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Management Calendars Ellen Gould 925-426-4346
Management Contracts/Stats Ellen Gould 925-426-4346
Request for Personnel Aileen Aydelott 925-426-4344
Salary Placement Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
Transfer Requests Mary Ellen Cote 925-426-4331
TV/TIP Program – (BTSA)
TV/TIP Accounting – (BTSA)
Kim Ortiz
Cathy McCarthy
925-462-5500 x4137

Kids Club

Traci Peterson, Program Director

General Information Sue McKinnon 925-462-0830
YMCA Liaison Traci Peterson 925-462-7625

Library and Media Services

Mindy Bolar, Director

Circulation of Media Resources and Equipment Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
Instructional Materials for Special Needs Students Nancy Tiedemann 925-426-4430
K-12 Instructional Materials Nancy Tiedemann 925-426-4430
K-12 Library Circulation Software Support Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
K-12 Library Ordering Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
K-12 Library Programs and Library Materials Mindy Bolar 925-426-4430
K-12 Textbook Ordering Nancy Tiedemann 925-426-4430
K-12 Processing and Distribution Nancy Tiedemann, Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
Media Center/Teacher Resources Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
Media Center Catalog Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
Off Air Videotaping/Tape Duplication Gillian McKie 925-426-4430

Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Department

Jim Simone, Director
Gary Davila, Coordinator

Custodial Services Jim Simone 925-426-4400
Grounds Jim Simone 925-426-4400
Hazardous Materials Gary Davila 925-426-4400
School Safety Jim Simone 925-426-4400
Telephone System Patty vanLooy 925-426-4403
Thefts / Vandalism / District Vehicles Jim Simone 925-426-4400
Use of Facilities Patty vanLooy 925-426-4403
Work Orders Gary Davila 925-426-4400

Student/Pupil Services

Kevin Johnson, Senior Director

504 Plans Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Alternative Programs Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
At Risk, Intern & Elementary Counselors Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Attendance Areas Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Attendance Secretaries Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Character Education Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Child Abuse Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Child Welfare and Attendance Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Community Day School/Court School Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Counseling (6-12) Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Crime Report Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
DARE Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Disciplinary Plans/Dress Code Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Discipline Appeals Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
District Student Handbook Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Enrollment Information Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Expulsions Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Health Services Kevin Johnson/
Susan Han, RN/
Home Teaching Kevin Johnson/
Maria Dykzuel
Interdistrict/Intradistrict Transfers Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Kindergarten Round-up Kevin Johnson/
K-5 VP’s
(Call School Sites)
Nurse, District Susan Han, RN 925-426-4290
Open Enrollment Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Pleasanton Youth Master Plan Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Police Liaison Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Pupil Records/Transcripts Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Registration and Enrollment Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
School Attendance Review Board (SARB)/ Truancy Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
School Resource Officers (SRO) Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290
Sexual Harassment/ Pupil to Pupil Vice Principals (Call School Sites)
Suspension Appeals Kevin Johnson 925-426-4290


Myla Grasso, Coordinator

Bid Information Myla Grasso 925-426-4335
Bulk Mail Terri Mesloh 925-426-4371
CAL-Card Myla Grasso 925-426-4335
Mail Rates/Processing Terri Mesloh 925-426-4371
Fixed Assets Myla Grasso 925-426-4335
Purchase Order Inquiries Donna Rasmussen 925-426-4336
Stores Orders Terri Mesloh 925-426-4371

Special Education

Marla Silversmith, Director 925-426-4293
Colleen Palia, Assistant Director 925-426-4293

Tri-Valley SELPA

Kent Rezowalli, Director 925-426-9144

Pre School Emily Knaggs 462-3325 x4805
Elementary and Middle School (K-8) Resource Anna Walker 925-426-4293
Elementary Mild/Moderate (K-5) SDC TBD 925-426-4293
Elementary Autism SDC (K-5) TBD 925-426-4293
Elementary Through Adult (K-Adult) Moderate/Severe TBD 925-426-4293
Middle School Mild/Moderate SDC (6-8) TBD 925-426-4293
High School Mild/Moderate SDC, Resource (9-12) TBD 925-426-4293
Autism Cases TBA 925-426-4293
Behavior Specialists Monica KnappAshley Sprader 925-426-4293
Classified Aide Positions TBA 925-426-4293
Coordination with East Bay Regional Center TBA 925-426-4293
Due Process Mediation and Hearings TBA 925-426-4293
Early Start Program Emily Knaggs  462-3325 x4810
Extended Year (summer school) TBD  925-426-4293
Hard of Hearing, Adaptive Physical Education (APE), Inclusion TBD 925-426-4293
Mental Health Referrals TBD 925-426-4293
Non-Public Agencies TBD 925-426-4293
Non-Public School/Outside Placements TBD 925-426-4293
Pre-School Diagnostic Team TBD 925-426-4293
Program Specialists Laura Kimpton, Lisa Padway, Emily Knaggs 925-426-4293
Speech and Language Therapists TBD 925-426-4293
State and Federal Reports (Special Ed.) TBD 925-426-4293
WorkAbility Jacque Barker 925-462-5500 x4112

Special Projects

Lisa Hague, Coordinator
Rhonda Hempy, Administrative Secretary

  • Categorical Programs/Consolidated Application
  • English Language Learner (EL)
  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools (SDFS)
  • School and Library Improvement Program (SLIP) / School Based Coordinated Program SBCP) Plans
  • Title I (Educationally Disadvantaged)
  • Title III (Federal English Learner)
  • Title V (Innovative Programs)
Lisa Hague 925-426-4330

Superintendent’s Office

Parvin Ahmadi, Superintendent

Assist Sites with Photo Clearance/Press Contacts Nicole Steward 925-426-4304
Board Meetings: Recognition, Superintendent’s Report, Minutes, Intermission PSA’s Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
Board Packets Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
Board Policies Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
E-Connection Nicole Steward 925-426-4304
 Parent Communication Council Parvin Ahmadi 925-426-4301

Technology Services

Instructional Technology – Chris Hobbs, Director
Data Processing – Jon Morgan, Coordinator

Computer Installation/Operations Ron Elliott 925-426-4292
Digital High School Grant Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Programmer Irene Tomlinson 925-426-4292
E-mail System Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
General Department Information Susan Pendleton 925-426-4292
PUSD information display for CTV Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Records Archiving Liz Martin 925-426-4292
District Trainer Mari Terhune 925-426-4430
Staff Development for Classroom Technology Use Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Student Records Kathy Wetherell 925-426-4292
Technology Support Services for Teachers Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Web Page Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430


Myla Grasso, Coordinator

  • Deliveries
  • Stores Orders
Gary Taylor 925-426-4440
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