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Pupil Discipline

Student/Pupil Discipline

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Expulsion Process

The expulsion process is part of Board Policy 5150 (Pupil Behavior). The intent of this summary of expulsion proceedings in no way meant to be a substitute for the detailed information parents will receive in Board Policy 5150 (Pupil Behavior). Please click here to view the Expulsion Process.

Code of Pupil Conduct

Each school has developed a school-wide discipline plan consistent with policies in this handbook. A copy is provided to all pupils. Education Code 35291.5.


The Board of Trustees believes that one of the major functions of the public schools is the preparation of youth for responsible citizenship. The district shall foster a learning environment that reinforces the concepts of self-discipline and the acceptance of personal responsibility. In order to maintain an environment conducive to attaining the highest of quality of education in the district, their must exist certain disciplinary policies and regulations relating to pupil conduct which delineate acceptable behavior and provide the basis for sound disciplinary practices within each school in the district. (Education Code 35291.5) The schools shall not tolerate any comments or gestures that denigrate other on account of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disadvantage. Pupils shall be subject to disciplinary procedures for bullying other pupils or for using insults, slurs, or fighting words which may disrupt school activities. These policies and regulations will be enforced fairly and uniformly and consistently without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or physical or mental handicaps.

Voluntary Transfer

With the concurrence of the school principal, a pupil may transfer voluntarily to another school if space is available. A pupil who has voluntarily transferred to continuation school shall have the right to return to the comprehensive high school at the beginning of the following school year, or may return at any time with the consent of the superintendent’s designee

Due Process

Pupils have a right to due process under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Due process for disciplinary actions, including suspensions, administrative transfers and expulsions, includes:

  • If the charges are denied, an explanation of the evidence by school authorities
  • The opportunity for the pupil to explain his/her position
  • Written notice of the charges against the pupil
  • The opportunity to be represented by an advocate
  • The opportunity to question the person making charges and to present witnesses
  • The opportunity to appeal the decision to a higher authority

Police Liaison

The Pleasanton Unified School District has an excellent cooperative relationship with the Pleasanton Police Department. There is a monthly meeting between the two agencies to share information for the safety of all students.

Sexual Harassment/ Pupil to Pupil

Complaints of sexual harassment shall be handled quickly, confidentially and as fairly as possible. Employees and pupils who file sexual harassment complaints shall not be retaliated against for making such a complaint.

  1. Forms of Sexual Harassment
    Sexual harassment may occur as a pattern of degrading sexual speech or action ranging from verbal or physical annoyances or distractions to deliberate intimidations and frank threats or sexual demands. Forms of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Verbal harassment – Derogatory comments, jokes, or slurs; graphic verbal commentaries about an individual’s body/dress; sexually degrading words used to describe an individual;
    • Physical harassment – Unnecessary or offensive touching, or impeding or blocking movement;
    • Visual harassment – Derogatory or offensive posters, cards, cartoons, graffiti, drawings, or gestures; suggestive or obscene letters, notes or invitations;
    • Sexual favors – Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature upon which is conditioned an academic or employment benefit, or which unreasonably interferes with an individual’s classroom or work performance or creates an offensive classroom or work environment;
    • Reprisals – Making threatening reprisals after a negative response to sexual advances.
  2. Reporting
    • Supervisors and principals are required to immediately report complaints of sexual harassment to either the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources or to the Coordinator of Pupil Services. All employees are required to report any case of sexual harassment that they witness or that is brought to their attention by a complainant.
  3. Complaint Procedures
    • Employees – Any employee who believes s/he is being sexually harassed should immediately notify his/her supervisor, principal and/or the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources. Once a complaint of sexual harassment has been received, an investigator will be appointed by the Assistant Superintendent, and a complete and thorough investigation will be conducted immediately. The Assistant Superintendent will coordinate all investigations regarding a complaint of sexual harassment in situations involving adult perpetrators or victims.
    • Students – Any student who believes s/he is being sexually harassed should immediately notify his/her teacher, counselor, or school administrator. Once a complaint of sexual harassment has been received, an investigator will be appointed by the Coordinator of Pupil Services, and a complete and thorough investigation will be conducted immediately. Student-to-student sexual harassment below grade four is handled as part of the school site discipline plan and is not reported to the Coordinator of Pupil Services.
  4. Investigation
    The investigator shall inform the complainant and witnesses of their rights pursuant to the District policy, including the fact that the complainant and witnesses will not be retaliated against due to their participation in the filing of a complaint. The alleged harasser also will have this policy and his/her rights explained, at the earliest appropriate time, and shall be immediately informed that any retaliation against the complainant and/or witnesses is strictly prohibited, regardless of the accuracy of the complaint and/or statements. All investigations of complaints shall be handled promptly in a serious and sensitive manner, and in as confidential manner as possible. All district employees must cooperate in all investigations.Upon commencement of an investigation, the investigator may follow these procedures:

    • Conduct interviews with: (1) the complainant; (2) the alleged harasser; and (3) any other persons who reasonably may have relevant knowledge concerning the complaint, such as witnesses and victims of similar conduct.
    • Obtain and review any appropriate documentation.
    • Review all factual information gathered through the investigation.
    • Complete a written report on the results of the investigation if sexual harassment occurred. Reports of all substantiated complaints and findings shall be maintained at the District office in a confidential file.
    • Provide a summary of the investigator’s report, to the extent legally permissible, to the complainant and the perpetrator.
    • If appropriate, the investigator shall follow up with the employee or pupil who filed the complaint after a reasonable period of time to ensure that no further impermissible conduct has occurred.
  5. Action Regarding Complaint
    • If the alleged harasser is found to have engaged in sexual harassment, appropriate disciplinary action, as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee shall be taken by the district. The employee against whom the disciplinary action is to be taken is entitled to due process provided by law, Board policy and current employee agreements. Pupils against whom disciplinary action is to be taken shall be entitled to due process provided by law and Board policy.
    • Appropriate action shall be taken whenever possible to alleviate the effects of the harassment.
  6. Appeal Process
    If either the complainant or the alleged harasser is not satisfied with the findings contained in the investigator’s report, s/he may appeal. Each appeal should be in the form of a letter. For purposes of this regulation, work day is defined as the days in when the district office is open for business to the public.

    • First Appeal – Within ten work days following the receipt of the investigator’s determination, the appeal is made with the appropriate District official: Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources for cases involving any adults and/or Coordinator of Pupil Services for cases involving students only. Upon a review of the case, the District official will respond in writing within ten work days.
    • Second Appeal – Within ten work days following the receipt of the District’s written response, the appeal is made to the Superintendent if the complaining party is unsatisfied.
    • Final Appeal – Within thirty work days following receipt of the Superintendent’s written response, the matter may be heard in a closed session of the Board of Trustees. The Board’s decision shall be the final decision of the District. Either party may be represented by a conferee or legal counsel when appearing before the Board.
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Health Services

Health Services

Health Services Information

The mission of Health Services is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and by identifying and assisting in the removal or modification of health-related barriers to learning. Health Services; therefore, contributes directly to PUSD’s overall mission of educating students to become well-informed, productive and socially responsible citizens.

Health Offices

A Health Clerk who has been trained in basic CPR and First Aid provides care to the students who visit the School Health Office. Some of the care provided by the Health Clerk, under the supervision of the District Nurses, include basic first aid, medication administration, immunization enforcement, and communicable disease control.
Parents are encouraged to communicate with the School Health Clerk and District Nurses on any health related issues so we can better meet your child’s health needs in school to promote the best learning environment for your student.

To contact your student’s health clerk, please go to each school’s website. To contact the District Nurses, please go to Student Services Contact Us page.

Health Screening

To identify potential health barriers in order to maximize the student’s ability to learn, the district conducts the following screenings mandated by state of California: (Ed Code 49455, 49456, 49452.5)

  • Hearing and Vision: Grades K or 1, 2, 5, and 8, and first year in the California public school system
  • Color Vision: Grades K or 1, boys only.
  • Scoliosis Screening:  Grade 7 girls and Grade 8 boys and girls who are newly enrolled in CA public schools.

In addition, students who are being assessed for initial and three year review for special education services, and students referred by a teacher or parent will also be tested for vision and hearing. Those who do not pass the initial hearing and scoliosis screening will be retested. Parents will be notified and referred for further follow-up only when a problem is identified. Parents may submit a written request for exemption from any of the above health screenings.

Athletic Clearances

The sport physical form has to be completed annually by a licensed health care provider. Click here to download Sports Physical Release Form

Confidential Medical Services

State law requires that parents be notified that pupils in grades 7 through 12 may be excused from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the pupil’s parent or guardian. The District follows state law, Education Code, and District Regulation 5101 and “When excusing a pupil for confidential medical services or verifying such appointments, District staff shall not ask the purpose of such appointments but may contact a medical office to confirm the time of an appointment.”

Food Allergy

Education, cooperation, and awareness are keys to keeping children with food allergies safe. At PUSD, parents, health care providers, school administrators, teachers, district nurses, health clerks and food service staff work together continuously to determine appropriate precautions, procedures, and to develop an individualized plan of action for managing each student’s food allergy in school.

Guidelines for Food at School Parties


Click here to download district policy Management of Life-Threatening Allergies–District Regulation 5536

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan form is available here; also available at all school sites and Student Services Department.

For additional information regarding food allergy please check The Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) at

Health Check-Up

California law requires that all children have a physical examination within eighteen months before entering the first grade.  Call your school Health Office for information regarding possible free Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) exam. Parental waivers are available under certain conditions. (Health and Safety Code 324.2, 325.5)

Report of Health Examination for School Entry form is available at all school sites, Student Services Department, or go to website to download form.

For your convenience, here is a list of Alameda County Clinics and Community Health Centers.

Oral Health Assessment

California law, Education Code 49452.8, requires that children have a dental check-up by May 31 of their first year in public school, at kindergarten or first grade. Dental evaluations that have happened within the 12 months prior to school entry also meet this requirement. The law specifies that the assessment must be done by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional. Please click here to download the required form:


It is important to protect the health of students from risk posed by infectious diseases that transmitted within the school setting. Your child may be excluded from school in accordance with California Education Code section 48210-48214 and section 49451. “Whenever there is a reason to believe that the child is suffering a recognized contagious or infectious disease, he/she shall be sent home and shall not be permitted to return until the school authorities are satisfied that any contagious disease does not exist.”

Please do not send your child to school if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  1. Common cold: Keep home during period of productive cough and yellow or green nasal discharge
  2. Fever (over 100 degrees) – in some children, a lower temperature represents a fever. Please keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever without the aid of Tylenol or Advil)
  3. Eyes that are red, swollen, crusting or draining
  4. Untreated, draining ears or earache
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Nausea or vomiting (if the pupil has vomited the night before or in the morning, please DO NOT send pupil to school.)
  7. Severe sore throat
  8. Skin rashes of unknown origin or contagious rash requires a clearance from a health care provider that student may return to school.

If a pupil is at school with any of the above, the parent/guardian will be called to pick up the pupil. Under certain circumstances, the parent may be asked to consult a health care provider (HCP) and to provide a written note from a HCP indicating that the pupil may return to school.

Suggestions for staying healthy during flu season, can be found here.

Head lice

Head lice is an ongoing issue in school communities. For more information, please refer to the All About Head Lice information sheet and the Frequently Asked QuestionsMore information can be found in this presentation.


The California Health and Safety Code, division 105, part 2, chapter 1, sections 120325-120380, title 17, division 1, chapter 4, sections 6000-6075, requires that every child entering a California school be immunized against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, and chickenpox/a health care provider-documented varicella disease or immunity.
I. Student’s immunization record must be presented to school staff by the parent or guardian and must include the month, date, and year each dose was received. It needs to be in the form of either the yellow immunization card or personal record signed or stamped by a health care provider or clinic.
II. If student is transferring from one public school within California to another public school in California, you have 30 days to provide the proof of immunization. After 30 days with no valid immunization, you will receive a “Notice of Exclusion from School Attendance.”

III. If student is entering Kindergarten, transferring from a private school, transferring from out-of-state or out-of-country, you must present the immunization record before entry into a California school. All immunization must be up to date before student can start school.

IV. Out of country immunization record not in English must be translated and transcribed by a CA licensed health care provider.

Entrance requirements flier.

Entrance requirements are:

Polio (OPV and/or IPV)
Any Age 4 doses
Age 4-6 3 doses At least one was given on/after the 4th birthday
Age 7-17 3 doses At least one was given on/after the 2nd birthday


DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus)
Any Age 5 doses
Age 4-6 4 doses If at least one was given on/after the 4th birthday
Age 7 and older 3 doses If at least one was given on/after the 2nd birthday. If last dose was given before the 2nd birthday, one more (Td) dose is required.
7th – 12th grades Tdap booster 1 dose Booster dose after age 7 meets the requirement.


MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) – Two doses of measles-containing vaccine required. One dose of mumps and rubella-containing vaccine required; mumps vaccine is not required for children 7 years of age or older.
Kindergarten 2 doses Both on or after 1st birthday
7th grade 2 doses Both on or after 1st birthday
Grades 1-6 and 8-12 1 dose Must be on or after the 1st birthday


Hepatitis B
Kindergarten 3 doses


Varicella (Chicken Pox) or health care provider-documented varicella disease or immunity.
Kindergarten 1 dose On or after 1st birthday
Grades 8-12 (> 13 years) 2 doses For previously unimmunized persons thirteen years and older
Out of state or country entrants (all grades) 1 dose For children under 13 years
2 doses For children 13 years and older


EXEMPTIONS: The law allows (a)parents/guardians to elect exemptions to immunization requirements based on their personal beliefs or medical reasons. Exemptions should not be considered because of convenience. Unimmunized students are at greater risk of contracting diseases and spreading them to their families, schools and communities. Schools maintain an up-to-date list of pupils with exemptions, so they can be excluded quickly if an outbreak occurs.  If you have any further questions, please consult your child’s health care provider or California Department of Public Health Webiste:

Tuberculosis Screening:

A current TB (tuberculosis) skin test or chest x-ray stating the student is free from TB is required for students entering the district from out of the county.  TB test and/or chest x-ray must be done within 6 months of the first day of school entry.

Medication Administration

Parents of students who require the administration of medication during the school day must have a PRESCRIPTION OR OVER THE COUNTER ADMINISTRATION CONSENT FORM on file in the school office. Students are only permitted to carry their medications that are for life threatening conditions, such as severe allergic reaction needing EpiPen, asthma inhalers, and insulin/glucagon for diabetes.

This form must be completely filled out annually and signed by the parent/guardian and the child’s health care provider before the child can be assisted with the administration of medication by the district personnel at the school site. The authorized health care provider must be licensed in California.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide the school site with all necessary information and special instructions in writing related to the administration of medication to their child. The parent/guardian must immediately notify the school in writing of any changes in the child’s regimen by the health care provider. It is also the child’s responsibility to follow the health care provider’s recommendations and instructions related to taking the medication (i.e., the child is responsible for going to the office at the prescribed times). Medication must be in its original container and brought to school by the parent/guardian, or an adult designee. All controlled medication will be counted and recorded on a medication log when delivered to school.

All medication must be picked up by a parent/guardian or adult designee at the end of the school year. NO medication will be given to a student to take home. Medication left in the school office at the end of the school year will be discarded.

Please refer to district policy 5532 for further questions or Program Advisory On Medication Administration by California Department of Education at

Emergency Card

Your child’s school must have correct contact information on your child in an emergency. This includes any alternative emergency contact persons in case the school cannot reach the parents. Parents must fill out the cards completely, including all pertinent health information and HCP and dentist phone numbers to call in an emergency. If there is a change of address or phone number for any person listed on the card during school year, please notify the school immediately (Ed Code 49408)

Tobacco-Free District

Per Tobacco-Free District Policy–Policy 1510, effective July 1, 1994, smoking and the use of tobacco products by all persons shall be prohibited on school district property. This shall include school buildings, grounds, and school owned vehicles.

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Contact Us


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(Call School Sites)
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Stores Orders Terri Mesloh 925-426-4371

Special Education

Marla Silversmith, Director 925-426-4293

Tri-Valley SELPA

Kent Rezowalli, Director 925-426-9144

Pre School Emily Knaggs 462-3325 x4805
Elementary and Middle School (K-8) Resource Anna Walker 925-426-4293
Elementary Mild/Moderate (K-5) SDC TBD 925-426-4293
Elementary Autism SDC (K-5) TBD 925-426-4293
Elementary Through Adult (K-Adult) Moderate/Severe TBD 925-426-4293
Middle School Mild/Moderate SDC (6-8) TBD 925-426-4293
High School Mild/Moderate SDC, Resource (9-12) TBD 925-426-4293
Autism Cases TBA 925-426-4293
Behavior Specialists Monica Knapp

Ashley Sprader

Classified Aide Positions TBA 925-426-4293
Coordination with East Bay Regional Center TBA 925-426-4293
Due Process Mediation and Hearings TBA 925-426-4293
Early Start Program Emily Knaggs  462-3325 x4810
Extended Year (summer school) TBD  925-426-4293
Hard of Hearing, Adaptive Physical Education (APE), Inclusion TBD 925-426-4293
Mental Health Referrals TBD 925-426-4293
Non-Public Agencies TBD 925-426-4293
Non-Public School/Outside Placements TBD 925-426-4293
Pre-School Diagnostic Team TBD 925-426-4293
Program Specialists Laura Kimpton, Lisa Padway,

Emily Knaggs

Speech and Language Therapists TBD 925-426-4293
State and Federal Reports (Special Ed.) TBD 925-426-4293
WorkAbility Jacque Barker 925-462-5500 x4112

Special Projects

Lisa Hague, Coordinator
Rhonda Hempy, Administrative Secretary

  • Categorical Programs/Consolidated Application
  • English Language Learner (EL)
  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools (SDFS)
  • School and Library Improvement Program (SLIP) / School Based Coordinated Program SBCP) Plans
  • Title I (Educationally Disadvantaged)
  • Title III (Federal English Learner)
  • Title V (Innovative Programs)
Lisa Hague 925-426-4330

Superintendent’s Office

Parvin Ahmadi, Superintendent

Assist Sites with Photo Clearance/Press Contacts Nicole Steward 925-426-4304
Board Meetings: Recognition, Superintendent’s Report, Minutes, Intermission PSA’s Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
Board Packets Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
Board Policies Roseanne Pryor 925-426-4333
E-Connection Nicole Steward 925-426-4304
 Parent Communication Council Parvin Ahmadi  925-426-4301

Technology Services

Instructional Technology – Chris Hobbs, Director
Data Processing – Jon Morgan, Coordinator

Computer Installation/Operations Ron Elliott 925-426-4292
Digital High School Grant Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Programmer Irene Tomlinson 925-426-4292
First Class E-mail System Gillian McKie 925-426-4430
General Department Information Susan Pendleton 925-426-4292
PUSD information display for CTV Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Records Archiving Liz Martin 925-426-4292
Software Support & Training Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Staff Development for Classroom Technology Use Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Student Records Kathy Wetherell 925-426-4292
Technology Support Services for Teachers Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430
Web Page Chris Hobbs 925-426-4430


Myla Grasso, Coordinator

  • Deliveries
  • Stores Orders
Gary Taylor 925-426-4440
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Board Policies

Board Policies

Policy numbers link to .pdf downloads

**PLEASE NOTE** This page is being updated.
We appreciate your patience during this process.

Board Policies are categorized below:


PUSD Draft Board Policies

CSBA Sample Policies PUSD *DRAFT* Policies PUSD Final Updated Policies
PUSD Policy 6145.5
PUSD Policy 6178

Philosophy – 0000

Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix & Exhibits Action Date
Vision BP 0000  AR 0000 1/24/12
Philosophy BP 0100 1/24/12
Goals BP 0200 1/24/12
Comprehensive Plan BP 0400 1/24/12
Non Discrimination BP 0410 1/24/12
School Plans / Site Councils BP 0420 AR 0420 1/24/12
School-Based Program Coordination BP 0420.1 AR 0420.1 1/24/12
Charter Schools BP 0420.4 AR 0420.4 1/24/12
Comprehensive Local Plan,
Special Education
BP 0430 AR 0430 1/24/12
District Technology Plan BP 0440 AR 0440 1/24/12
Comprehensive Safety Plan BP 0450 AR 0450 1/24/12
Accountability BP 0500 1/24/12
School Accountability Report Card BP 0510 1/24/12
Title 1 Program Improvement Schools BP 0520.2 AR 0520.2  EX 0520.2 1/24/12
Title 1 Program Improvement Districts BP 0520.3 AR 0520.3 1/24/12
Quality Education Investment Schools BP 0520.4  


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Concepts & Roles BP 1000 3/27/12
Youth Services BP 1020 3/27/12
Communication with the Public BP 1100 3/27/12
Media Relations BP 1112 3/27/12
District & School Websites BP 1113 AR 1113 3/27/12
Commendations & Awards BP 1150 3/27/12
Political Process BP 1160 3/27/12
Citizen Advisory Committee BP 1220 AR 1220 3/27/12
Volunteer Assistance BP 1240 AR 1240 3/27/12
Visitors/Outsiders BP 1250 AR 1250 3/27/12
Education Foundation BP 1260 3/27/12
Complaints Concerning
District Employees
BP 1312.1 AR 1312.1 APX 1312.1-A
APX 1312.1-B
BP 6/5/01
AR 10/23/12
Complaints Concerning
Instructional Materials
BP 1312.2 AR 1312.2 EX 1312.2 11/27/12
Uniform Complaint Procedures BP 1312.3 AR 1312.3 8/21/12
Solicitation & Fees BP 1321 AR 1321 6/28/88
Fundraising BP 1340
AR 1340 12/14/93
Dogs Prohibited on School Grounds BP 1520 AR 1520 APX 1520
Sign 1520


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Concepts & Roles BP 2000 5/8/12
Superintendent Responsibilities & Duties BP 2110 5/8/12
Superintendent Governance Standards BP 2111 5/8/12
Superintendent Recruitment & Selection BP 2120 5/8/12
Superintendent’s Contract BP 2121 5/8/12
Evaluation of the Superintendent BP 2140 5/8/12
Administrative Operations BP 2200 AR 2200 6/25/96
Administrative Discretion
Regarding Board Policy
BP 2210 5/8/12
Representative & Deliberative Groups BP 2230 5/8/12


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Fees and Charges BP 3260 3/26/13
Sale and Disposal of Books,
Equipment & Supplies
BP 3270 AR 3270 3/26/13
Gifts, Grants, and Bequests BP 3290 1/24/13
Tobacco-Free Schools BP 3513.3 AR 3513.3 3/26/13
Transportation BP 3540 4/16/13
Transportation for Students
with Disabilities
BP 3541.2 AR 3541.2 4/16/13
School Bus Drivers AR 3542 4/16/13
Transportation Safety & Emergencies AR 3543 4/16/13
Free & Reduced Price Meals BP 3553 5/8/12


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix & Exhibits Action Date
Concepts & Roles BP 4000 4/16/13
Drug- & Alcohol-Free Workplace BP 4020 4/16/13
Nondiscrimination in Employment BP 4030 4/16/13
Sexual Harassment BP 4031 AR 4031 4031-A4031-B BP 5/10/94
AR 1/26/99
Reasonable Accommodation AR 4032 4/16/13
Employee Use of Technology BP 4040 AR 4040 EX 4040 5/14/13
Recruitment & Selection BP 4111 5/14/13
Legal Status Requirement BP 4111.2 5/14/13
Appointment & Conditions
of Employment
AR 4112 5/14/13
Contracts AR 4112.1 5/14/13
Certification BP 4112.2 AR 4112.2 5/14/13
Interns BP 4112.21 AR 4112.21 5/14/13
Staff Teaching English
Language Learners
AR 4112.22 6/18/13
Special Education Staff AR 4112.23 6/18/13
Oath of Affirmation AR 4112.3 EX 4112.3 6/18/13
Health Examinations AR 4112.4 6/18/13
Drug & Alcohol Testing for
School Bus Drivers
BP 4112.42 6/18/13
Criminal Record Check AR 4112.5 6/18/13
Employment of Relatives BP 4112.8 9/10/13
Assignment BP 4113 AR 4113 9/10/13
Temporary Modified/Light-Duty Assignment BP 4113.4 9/10/13
Evaluations/Supervision BP 4115 9/10/13
Resignation BP 4117.2 9/10/13
Personnel Reduction BP 4117.3 9/10/13
Dismissal AR 4117.4 9/10/13
Decision Not to Rehire AR 4117.6 9/10/13
Preretirement Part-Time Employment AR 4117.11 9/10/13
Suspension/Disciplinary Action BP 4118 9/10/13
Civil & Legal Rights BP 4119.1 9/10/13
Professional Standards
(Code of Ethics)
BP 4119.21 EX 4119.21 9/10/13
Dress & Grooming BP 4119.22 9/10/13
Employees with Infectious Disease BP 4119.41 9/10/13
Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens BP 4119.42 AR 4119.42 EX 4119.42 9/24/13
Universal Precautions BP 4119.43 AR 4119.43 9/24/13
Solicitation & Selling BP 4135 9/24/13
Employee Compensation BP 4151 9/24/13
Awards & Recognition BP 4156.2 9/24/13
Work-Related Injuries BP 4157.1
BP 4257.1
BP 4357.1
Evaluation/Supervision BP 4215 9/24/13
Personnel Files AR 4112.6 10/22/13
Staff Development-Certificated BP 4131 10/8/13
Publication or Creation of Materials BP 4132 10/8/13
Nonschool Employment BP 4136 10/22/13


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Concepts & Roles BP 5000 1/15/14
Parent’s Rights & Responsibilities BP 5020 AR 5020 1/15/14
Non Custodial Parents BP 5021 1/15/14
Student & Family Privacy Rights BP 5022 AR 5022 1/15/14
Student Wellness BP 5030 AR 5030 1/25/11
Admission  BP 5111 AR 5111 9/11/12
District Residency AR 5111.1 1/15/14
Residency for Homeless Children AR 5111.13 1/15/14
Exclusions from Attendance AR 5112.2 1/15/14
Student Leave of Absence BP 5112.3 AR 5112.3 1/15/14
Absences & Excuses BP 5113 AR 5113 BP 6/4/13
Chronic Absence & Truancy BP 5113.1 AR 5113.1 1/15/14
Work Permits BP 5113.2 AR 5113.2 1/15/14
School Attendance Boundaries BP 5116 1/15/14
Intradistrict Open Enrollment BP 5116.1 6/4/13
Interdistrict Attendance BP 5117 AR 5117 1/15/14
Grades/Evaluations of
Student Achievement*
BP 5121 AR 5121  *See 5171 for current policy *DRAFT*
Promotion/Acceleration/Retention* BP 5123 AR 5123   *See 5171 for current policy *DRAFT*
Student Records BP 5125 AR 5125 2/11/14
Release of Directory Information BP 5125.1 AR 5125.1 2/11/14
Withholding Grades, Diploma or Transcripts AR 5125.2 2/11/14
Graduation Ceremonies & Activities BP 5127 2/11/14
Conduct BP 5131
Bus Conduct BP 5131.1 AR 5131.1 2/11/14
Bullying BP 5131.2 6/4/13
Student Disturbances BP 5131.4 AR 5131.4 2/11/14
Vandalism & Graffiti BP 5131.5 2/11/14
Alcohol & Other Drugs BP 5131.6 AR 5131.6 2/11/14
Tobacco BP 5131.62 AR 5131.62 2/11/14
Steroids BP 5131.63 AR 5131.63 2/11/14
Weapons & Dangerous Instruments BP 5131.7 AR 5131.7 2/11/14
Academic Honesty BP 5131.9 AR 5131.9 2/11/14
Dress & Grooming BP 5132 AR 5132 2/11/14
Gangs BP 5136 2/11/14
Positive School Climate BP 5137 2/11/14
Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation BP 5138 2/11/14
Health Care & Emergencies BP 5141 AR 5141 3/11/14
Administering Medication & Monitoring Health Conditions BP 5141.21 AR 5141.21 3/11/14
Infectious Diseases BP 5141.22 AR 5141.22 3/11/14
Asthma Management BP 5141.23 AR 5141.23 3/11/14
Specialized Health Care Services AR 5141.24 3/11/14
Tuberculosis Testing AR 5141.26 3/11/14
Food Allergies BP 5141.27 AR 5141.27 5/13/14
Health Examinations BP 5141.3 AR 5141.3 3/11/14
Immunizations BP 5141.31 AR 5141.31 3/11/14
Health Screening AR 5141.32 3/11/14
Head Lice BP 5141.33 3/11/14
Child Abuse Prevention & Reporting BP 5141.4 AR 5141.4 3/11/14
Suicide Prevention BP 5141.52 AR 5141.52 3/11/14
School Health Services BP 5141.6 3/11/14
Sun Safety BP 5141.7 3/11/14
Safety BP 5142 AR 5142 3/11/14
Safe Routes to School BP 5142.2 AR 5142.2 3/11/14
Suspension & Expulsion BP 5144.1 AR 5144.1 4/22/14
Suspension & Expulsion – Students with Disabilities AR 5144.2 4/22/14
Search & Seizure BP 5145.12 AR 5145.12
Freedom of Speech/Expression BP 5145.2 AR 5145.2  4/22/14
Parent Notifications BP 5145.6  4/22/14
Questioning & Apprehension by Law Enforcement BP 5145.11  4/22/14
Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students BP 5146 AR 5146  4/22/14
Drop Out Prevention BP 5147  4/22/14
At Promise (At-Risk) Students BP 5149  4/22/14
Notification of Failing Students* BP 5171 AR 5171  6/28/88

INSTRUCTION – 6000 (Being Revised)

Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Introduction 6000 06-28-88
Philosophy and Goals of Instructional Program 6010 06-28-88
Nondiscrimination of Pupils in Educational Programs,
Activities, and Services
6011 6011 01-30-96
School Day 6112 06-28-88
School Day -Pupils 6112.2 06-28-88
Released Time for Special Instruction -Religious 6113.2 06-28-88
Released Time for Special Instruction -Vocational Ed 6113.3 06-28-88
P E Requirements/Exemptions 6113.4 06-28-88
Emergency Services and Disaster Plans 6114 6114 6114-APX6114-IND 04-24-90
Drills for Emergency 6114.1 06-28-88
Holidays and Observances 6115 06-28-88
Provisions for Display & Patriotic Exercises Regarding
United States & California Flags
6115.1 06-28-88
Curriculum 6140 06-28-88
Curriculum Design 6141 6141 06-28-88
Independent Learning Contract 6142 6142 6142.APX 06-25-96
Requirements for Graduation from High School 6143 6143 6143.APX 03-28-06
Early Graduation 6143.1 06-28-88
Teaching About Controversial Issues 6144 06-28-88
Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials 6144.1 6144-1 6144-1A 11-14-00
Teaching About Human Reproductive Organs 6144.2 6144.2 06-22-04
Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular Activities 6145 6145 6145.APX Pol: 06-28-88
Regs: 05-28-91
Intramural Athletics 6145.1 06-28-88
Interscholastic Athletics 6145.2 6145.2 6145.2A 07-01-88
Assemblies and Public Programs 6145.4 06-28-88
Clubs and Organizations 6145.5 06-28-88
Reciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation
6146.2 06-28-88
Freedom of Speech/Expression and Student
Publications Code
6150 6150 6150.APX 03-10-98
Grouping 6152 06-28-88
Field Trips 6153 6153 6153-A6153-B6153-C,
Field Trips of More Than One Day Duration or to
Locations Outside the State of California
6153.1 6153.1 11-14-00
Homework and Assignments 6154 6154 06-21-11
Online/Correspondence Course Approval Process 6156 6156 6156-APX 06-07-05
Center for Independent Study and Home Schooling 6158 6158 6158-APX 09-22-92
Use of Telecommunications Network 6160 6160 6160-APX 05-28-96
Textbooks, Instructional Materials, and Equipment 6161 6161 11-14-00
Selection and Adoption Textbooks, Instructional Materials 6161.1 6161.1 6161.1A,6161.1B,
Equipment, Books, & Non-Expendable Supplies 6161.2 06-28-88
Damage to School Equipment & Property 6161.3 06-28-88
Selection and Adoption of Textbooks, Instructional
Materials and Equipment: Prohibited Acts
6161.4 11-14-00
Obsolete Instructional Materials 6161.5 6161.5 11-14-00
Equipment and Supplies 6161.6 06-28-88
Supplementary Materials 6161.7 06-28-88
Reproduction/Use of Copyright Materials 6161.8 06-28-88
Audio-Visual Materials 6162.1 06-28-88
Audio-Visual Aids 6162.2 06-28-88
Curriculum Consultants 6162.3 06-28-88
Instructional Assistants 6162.4 06-28-88
Community Resources 6162.5 06-28-88
School Libraries 6163.1 06-28-88
Operation of School Libraries 6163.1.1 6163.1 06-28-88
Testing Program 6163.2 6163-2REG 6163-2APX 05-13-03
Music, Art, Foreign Language, Drama 6163.3 06-28-88
Driver Instruction Program 6163.7 06-28-88
Health 6164.1 06-28-88
Guidance 6164.2 06-28-88
Psychological Service 6164.3 06-28-88
Psychiatric 6164.4 06-28-88
Reading 6164.5 06-28-88
Speech and Hearing Services 6164.6 06-28-88
Title 1 Programs 6170 6170 06-03-03
Special Services and Classes 6171 06-28-88
Special Schools or Classes: Continuation & Opportunity 6172.1 6172.1 06-28-88
Special Schools or Classes: Voc Ed 6172.2 06-28-88
Education for English Language Learners 6172.3 6172.3 06-03-03
Home Teaching 6173 6173 12-147-04
Summer School 6174 06-28-88
Recreation 6175 06-28-88
Work Experience Program 6176 06-28-88
Evaluation of Instructional Program 6180 06-28-88
Evaluation of the Instructional Program 6190 06-03-03
School Improvement Program 6200 6200 06-28-88
School-Based Coordination Program 6210 6210 02-25-92
Adult Education 6300 6300 06-28-88


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Concepts & Roles BP 7000 1/29/13
Facilities Master Plan BP 7110 1/29/13
Evaluating Existing Buildings AR 7111 1/29/13
Relations with Local Agencies BP 7131 1/29/13
Site Selection & Development BP 1750 AR 7150 1/29/13
Facilities Financing BP 7210 1/29/13
Mello Roos Districts BP 7212 1/29/13
School Facilities
Improvement Districts
BP 7213 1/29/13
Developer Fees BP 7211 AR 7211 1/29/13
Naming of Facility BP 7310 3/27/12


Policy Policy Number Regulation Number Appendix Action Date
Role of the Board BB 9000 9/11/12
Governance Standards BB 9005 9/11/12
Public Statements BB 9010 9/11/12
Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information BB 9011 9/11/12
Board Member
Electronic Communication
BB 9012 9/11/12
Terms of Office BB 9110 9/11/12
President BB 9121 9/11/12
Secretary BB 9122 9/11/12
Vice President BB 9123 9/11/12
Attorney BB 9124 9/11/12
Board Committees BB 9130 9/11/12
Board Representatives BB 9140 9/11/12
Limits of Board Member Authority BB 9200 9/11/12
Governing Board Elections BB 9220 9/11/12
Resignation BB 9222 9/11/12
Filling Vacancies BB 9223 9/11/12
Oath or Affirmation BB 9224 9/11/12
Orientation BB 9230 9/11/12
Board Development BB 9240 9/11/12
Remuneration, Reimbursement
& Other Benefits
BB 9250 9/11/12
Legal Protection BB 9260 9/11/12
Conflict of Interest BB 9270 EX 9270 9/11/12
Board Policies BB 9310 9/11/12
Meetings & Notices BB 9320 9/11/12
Closed Session Purposes & Agendas BB 9321 9/11/12
Closed Session Actions & Reports BB 9321.1 9/11/12
Agenda/Meeting Materials BB 9322 9/11/12
Actions by the Board BB 9323.2 EX 9323.2 9/11/12
Minutes & Recordings BB 9324 9/11/12
Board Self-Evaluation BB 9400 9/11/12
Role of Board & Members BB 9020 2/16/88
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